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SORRY! I have neglected to update my wordpress due to the immediate attention to my college life and so I have missed out A LOT in the KPOP industry. HOWEVER, I am back recently and I think I will be updating some stuff soon, and hopefully soon. I have no idea where to start and begin back from so do keep on the lookout for updates in what is happening in the KPOP news that I will be dishing out soon!

**Small Catch-up on updates!**

Some stuff that I have overheard and caught back on is that the year 2015, will be a big opening and comeback for our lovely YG Entertainment! BIG BANG will be coming back with a brand new album with all five members during sometime in the summer and while WINNER also has plans for another album. Hot news however from YG is that iKON a new boy idol group is formed and will debut sometime this year as well! In the meantime lets hear GD x TaeYang collab song with each other “GOOD BOY.”

SM Entertainment do I dare say anything against them. . . long time SONE fan and still am however bad news has been broken up months ago if I remember, about our lovely member Jessica our Ice Princess has left the group due to some mishap that happened between her and SNSD group and SM Entertainment due to her concentration in work in her fashion label “Blanc & Eclare,” As saddening as it is, I will be rooting for both Jessica and the rest of the members SNSD still, hwaiting unnies! f(X) member/rapper Amber has released and made her solo debut with her hit song “Show me that Brass” and you can check her solo debut stage right here!

In other hot KPOP news that yet still to come in my later update post will be about the charismatic boy group VIXX and there comeback song “Love Equation.” Always known for their crazy M/V theme and concepts like vampires, cyborgs, etc. they are back with a more “cute” concept. So click here to see their “cuteness” and let the fan girls’ screaming begin!

Anyways, that is all from me for now, and as always KPOP fans hwaiting! As I said already, keep on the lookout for my upcoming updates and news about the hot KPOP industry world!

SNSD Comeback with “I got a boy!”


So it’s bee a long time since I updated anything! Apologies for I have gone on hiatus because of school and personal family issues. However since the time being back, I’ll update once again and hopefully will continue on to update. So for those who didn’t know about our nine lovely goddesses making their comeback, do not fret or fear because that’s what I’m here to tell you. The nine lovely girls are back and bringing new elements and new beats to their comeback song “I got a boy.” The song is filled with catchy rhythm and hip hop feel to it including a multi-colored wardrobe concept for each of the girls. Their new album brings a new side to them instead of always the cute and sexy look. This time, they bringing a tough and hip hop look and I for myself, is sure loving the song and concept of their new album. Poking here and there, there are few negative look towards their new style of song, however I’m sure everyone will give them a chance and try to listen and see them in a different style. The song for me was at a “so-so” standard when I first listened, however soon after I loved the song and was stuck in my head from release till now, haha :).

Without any further nonsense, here is their official M/V of “I got a boy.”

Besides the official M/V, here’s their comeback stage on MusicBank with “Dancing Queen + I got a boy.”

And lastly, let’s not forget to support them with our love by purchasing their album here.

Besides the normal edition above, there is also a special edition and a deluxe edition.

Of course, for those who can’t purchase the actual albums, don’t be upset, you can keep supporting them by downloading their album here. (Just click skip ad on the page)

SNSD “The Boys” is here !

So the time of waiting, and anticipating is all over and why, you ask? That is because the girl’s comeback album is finally out. Their gorgeous transformation and long awaited return in Korea is finally here! Their new hit song “The Boys” is becoming the best hit faster by the second and their album is already rising up in the ORION charts. So for those who didn’t know about their comeback, or didn’t get a chance to pre-order their album, don’t fret and just click here to purchase now !

For fans who can’t purchase their album online for personal reasons, don’t be upset either and enjoy their hit tracks by getting them here.

….. Oh did I forget to mention that their M/V has been released as well?! Haha, so let us enjoy watching it in both Korean and English versions!


The days are passing fast .. and the release of SNSD “The Boys” is coming faster !

SNSD Comeback is coming soon !

Running Man Episodes 45-56 are linked ~

2PM is back with another Japanese Hit !

WGM Episode Updates ~

So for all our lovely couples, their adventures all continue. For the “Brave Couple”, they are heading to an adventure of getting checked up and seeing their health status. So you guys can come along and visit them here. (For those who missed out on their adventure from last week, you can recollect that memory here.) Along with the couples, the Khuntoria couple have gone and finished their lovely honeymoon, but of course all couples will have a small quarrel sometimes, but luckily the heat of it died off when Nickhun cheered Victoria up with his lovely charms here. (Their following episode from this week can be seen here.) Besides the Khuntoria couple, our EunJung/JangWoo couple has been enjoying their time with their camping trip here, but that all ended and follows up with another adventure over here. Last but NEVER least is our newest couple David/RiSae. Their trip start from here and ends off continuing here.


SNSD 2011 Japan Brochure Pictures !

Running Man Episode 45 is here ! ~


Alright, so this week is just the continuation of Episode 44 with our guest Jang Hyuk. The great rivalry between Hyukkie (as how Jaesuk calls him) and “The Commander” is on. Lets continue and finish watching the battle between the two here.